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I will be closed and not doing service work until the end of the first week in January 2017. I am taking a leave for some much needed rest and re-organization of my shop and storage areas, as well as some travel that I have always wanted to do. I would suggest that if you need in home TV Service that you call Marco's Electronics in Rotterdam, 518-356-4444.


My flat screen TV is cracked. What will it cost to fix it?

Unfortunately, the costs of screen replacement usually are equal to or more than the cost of a new TV of the same type and size.  I recently got a price quote on a screen for a 55 inch LG and it broke out as follows:   The actual display panel was $770; the shipping to get the screen to me was $200.  

In addition, screens are factory rebuilt and they charge a "core charge" to guarantee the return of the old screen for rebuilding.   Because the customer's screen was physically damaged, the core is worthless, thus another $175 added to my cost of the screen.

  The total was $1145, and that is before any labor was added in.   I generally get $225 for a screen replacement, bringing the total cost of that 55 inch TV screen to $1370, for a TV that will sell at most for $600.

The cable connector on the back of the TV broke off. Can it be replaced, and if so, how much will it cost?

When the cable connector breaks off it generally damages the tuner into which it was soldered.  Replacement of the tuner in most flat screen and projection sets runs around $160 including the trip charge.  The repair is straight-forward and tuners are available for most brands.  

Money saving tip:  The TV still has value even without changing the cable connector.   Almost all cable boxes can be connected with HDMI, component video or composite video connectors.  If you do not have a cable box, the TV can still be used with a VCR hooked up through the composite video connectors, and the cable fed to the VCR RF input.  Thus, the VCR will tune the stations.  The TV can also be used to play video games, DVDs, Blue Rays, etc.  Feel free to call about doing this if you are unsure how to do so.  Advice is always free.

Do you sell projection lamps or bulbs for DLP TVs?

Sorry, no.  Since my shop is not open to the public, and I am often out on the road instead of in the shop, I do not sell parts.  I do offer reasonably priced lamp installation in most areas for most brands.

Why won't my cable remote turn my TV on and off?

Most cable remotes wlll work with most modern TVs if they are properly programmed. The instructions to program your cable remote to oeprate your TV are generally on the back of the cable remote. You can also call 518-869-5500 to reach Spectrum customer support.

Can I change the projection lamp in my TV myself?

Yes, definitely.   Almost all TVs are designed so that the consumer can change their own lamps. Try to avoid the $40 and $50 lamps that are all over the internet; they often do not last or are not exactly matched to the electrical specifications of your original lamp, causing performance and longevity problems.  The best source for lamps is a legitimate distributor of new OEM lamps rather than on line parts of dubious origins. I have been using for the last 5 years or so and have found them to be honest, reliable, courteous and prompt.  UNPLUG YOUR TV, check your instruction book and be SURE to follow all safety precautions and warnings. Make sure your TV has been turned off for at least 3 hours before changing the lamp; they run extremely hot and can burn your hands even after being off for a while.

Why is my DLP TV making a loud screeching noise when I turn it on?

This problem is often accompanied by the color being distorted or missing, or sometimes even no picture at all.  It is almost always a defective color wheel, and can easily be repaired.  The total cost of parts, labor, and trip charge is under $400, sometimes substantially under, depending on brand and model.

The DVD player or VCR that is built into my TV does not work. Can you fix this?

Due to the complex mechanical nature of DVD and VCR players, it is not economically feasible to repair them by replacing specific parts; the proper repair id to replace the entire internal DVD or VCR deck. Due to the cost of these decks, and the fact that they are generally installed in TVs with relatively small screens, it is often cheaper to replace the entire TV than the defective DVD or VCR.

Generally the TV will have input jacks on the back or side that will allow one to plug in an inexpensive external DVD player; VCRs seem to be no longer available in stores.

I use a cable box and my picture is bluish green and sometimes there is a hum in the sound. How do I see if I can fix this?

Many cable boxes connect to the TV via a method called component video. This method uses Red Green and Blue connectors for the picture and Red and White connectors for the sound. Sometimes the Red video connector will work loose from either the back of the TV or the back of the cable box, causing the red portion of the picture to not be displayed on the TV. Simply pushing the Red connector firmly into its socket on both the cable box and the TV can clear this problem.

If there is a buzz or hum in the sound, AND no red in the picture, it is almost certainly becasue the Red sound connector and the Red picture connector have been reversed. To clear this problem simply reverse the 2 red connectors on the back of the TV. This problem often shows up after a move, or if the cable box was disconnected to plug in a DVD BluRay or game console.


FAREWELL, LAKE ELECTRONICS. Lake Electronic Service in Albany NY closed its doors for good in March 2013. When I started in business in 1971, Lake had already been in business for decades. Lake was the pre-eminent TV and consumer electronics repair service in the Tri-Cities. They will be missed and I wish all their former employees well, and hope that the owners are enjoying some well deserved time off.

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